Purebred Maine Coon Cats


Hello from ...She is doing great!!! She really has the best personality. She is so mellow and adjusts to every environment smoothly. I take her with me everywhere! 🙂 She is the coolest cat I've ever met. Thank you!!!
Best Huge european maine coon breeder i have ever come across in the States .
CeCe.....She's definitely a cuddlier and is playful at the same time, I can't thank you enough. I hope all is well with you and your little kitties and cats
Lisa & Family
Hello Mr Benny, Want to let you know how he's doing. He is such a playful kitten. He sure does love to run all over the house. When we get the feathers out, boy does he love them. Just wanted to let you know how he is doing, and how much we love this little guy. Thank you so much for a wonderful Kitty.
Satisfied Mom
Hi Benny, "We just wanted to let you know that Lucy is doing great in her new home. She makes us laugh everyday with her clowning ways! She's eating many new things. She's a real sweetheart.
Gwen & Dave, St. Thomas
We just wanted to let you know how much we are loving our 2 precious kittens. They have brought so much joy and laughter into our home. I couldn't imagine separating these two, after watching how much fun they have playing together. They are growing so fast and have settled into life in our home very nicely. I must agree with you in the fact that your kittens are worth every penny.
I have always been looking for a large big bone kitten for a long time already, and it was only last week, when I found Purecoon online, and saw a number of kittens for sale there. I fell in love with the first one I saw from the list. She has this cute yellow eyes and snow-white fur. However, since this is my first time dealing with Purecoon, and this is also my first time to buy a kitten online, I had to make sure that everything will go smoothly first. I searched for purecoon’s customer reviews. And based on the majority of the reviews, I think they are one of the most trusted Maine coon cat breeders in the States that you will never have issues with. True enough, after ordering, our baby is already here! She is the most fascinating little creature I have ever seen in my entire life. Thank you Benny & Kathleen!
Joanne and Aaron
I can't thank you enough for this precious little girl. She has brought so much joy to me and my 2 little granddaughters. They come over even more now to play with Fiona. That is what we named her. She is definitely loved more than i can express to you.
Glenna & Wayne
I was searching online for huge maine coon kittens, and I was surely one lucky guy to have spotted this “kitten for sale” on purecoon website. The adoption process was very smooth and easy. Their list of kittens is incredibly amazing! I guess that was the only thing that made the adoption process a bit complicated, because I just do not know which kitten to choose! But then, I was able to choose the cat that I want, and I named her Kelly. When I received Kelly, she was a bit timid and a bit scared to move out of her cage, but after a few minutes, she turned into an adorable fur ball, especially when she saw the cat bed and toys that I prepared prior to her arrival.
Don & Heather
Thank you so much for my European looking maine coon kitten. I just received him last week and although he’s still a bit shy, he is the cutest thing ever! He’s bonded with my other cats so quickly and just made everything better. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family!
Just letting you know that Carlos arrived safely. He is perfect! Love his personality. He is a lazy kind of playful that is so entertaining. He is clumsy for a cat but we like to think it is because he is growing so fast. He never uses his claws when playing with us and LOVES attention. His furry feet can't get much traction on our wood floors so he slides past our dog when he tries to attack her!
Life is good for the beastie (our Trinity)! We've decided her tail could be a good feather duster. We love her!
Julie and Mike
When I decided to buy a Maine coon cat, I called a lot of breeders, and then I came across this fabulous website, informative, rare unique kittens !!! My advice for anyone looking for an intelligent, fun loving cat who can be taught how to fetch and do other dog-like tricks.
My wife and I have done so much research before adopting our kitten, and coming from all the research we’ve done, purecoon are the best Maine coon breeder breeders with their adorable and healthy kittens and if that’s not enough; all the positive feedback they get. Thank you for our beautiful Jewels,
Mark and Lisa
If you live anywhere in US, and you are looking for the best Maine coon cat breeder, you will never be disappointed with purcoon cattery for sure! They have the best cat breeds. I spent hours choosing for the best kitten for sale in their list. I had a hard time choosing, simply because they were all adorable and beautiful little creatures that you just want to take home. But since this is my first time to own a cat, I had to choose one only and I am very happy with it! She’s so playful and very charming. She also has this sweet side where she loves being cuddled.
I would definitely recommend Purecoon CATTERY! They have the best Maine coon cats and kittens , and they have the best customer service that will assist you from start to finish.
The McCoy Family
Hi Mr Benny, Our little man arrived safe and sound and is a beauty. He stayed in my daughter's arms the whole drive from pick up at the airport to home, purring for most of it. Now he is exploring his room purring most of the time. Seems very content. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of "raising" him to this age. We love him and he will be a wonderful addition to our family I am sure.
Following update 3 weeks after: just thought I would update you on our little man's progress. He is the sweetest most gentle little Kitten. Eating well, litter box is good and seems to have quite a sense of humour. He is quite comfortable with the dog and really likes the other cats. They seem to all be becoming great friends. He know's his room it seems, because he starts purring the minute he goes in there. It is my daughter's room so she is thrilled. All three kids really love him and enjoy just watching him play because he can be so funny. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, he is a real joy in our lives.
This is Boo Bradley and mom (Robin). We want to thank you so much for blessing us with the kitten Boo bought in January of this year from you. He is a very special part of our family and he acts just like a child. His personality is phenomenal ! I don’t know what you do with these babies but they are very very well kept and trained. He has never used the floor , he has used his litter box since day one. We absolutely adore him!!! I don't know what you do with these kittens but it is a blessing! His name is Smokey and we luv him desperately. It's like we can't wait to get home to see him!!
First of all I have to tell you how sweet Sophie is. I love her to pieces. Her personality is so different to my previous two silvers! She is so inquisitive and smart. She comes to "check on" me regularly. It is too funny. Thank You.
Just wanted to let you know Bella the shaded silver kitten we got from you is doing very well! She is a cuddler and sleeps right against me at night . She loves our dogs and the dogs love her ! She acts like a dog she likes stealing the dogs bones! Lol. Just wanted to update you on how well she is doing and how much we adore her. Everyone who has met her loves her ! I've had a lot of people tell me they don't like cats but they love her! She is very spoiled and is well loved:)
PJ is the most adorable little kitten of all times. He is so special to me and you have the best kittens around. He follows me around and cuddles up to me every night and gets along with the other with the other cats in the household. I would recommend your kittens to anyone.
Mimi has been with us for 3 months now - and she is the most precious kitten ever! She steals everyone's heart.... Benny & Sara does a great job with these little angels!
Hi Sara and Mr Benny 🙂 hope ya'll doing great!! The little guy, Zeusy Junior is doing so great!!! I soo appreciate that he is litter trained!!! Lol whew what a load off!!! He is running around the house excited:)) purring often:)). You rock!!!...
Sals (Sally
Thanks a million for my furbaby:))) no more tears of sadness or loneliness since having him:))) I'm sure I'll be a future customer loll!!!! 🙂