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Maine coon kittens for sale: breeding Maine coons

Chazz is a fun-loving kitten for sale. He enjoys cuddling and sometimes just acting like royalty. He has a wonderful personality. People adore him because he is such a friendly cat.

Maine coon cats for sale: coon breeder

The Maine Coon is a domestic cat that is tough and can withstand harsh weather. The smooth, shaggy coat of this cat is one of its distinguishing features. This breed is well-proportioned, well-balanced, and has adapted to a variety of environments.

No breed has a monopoly on love and affection, but there has to be a reason why Maine Coons have clawed their way from near extinction to the coveted position of America’s second most popular breed (according to CFA registration totals).

Maine Coon fans say that the breed is popular because it is big, smart, has a luscious coat, is hardy, and loves its humans.

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Maine Coons are big catsuit kittens, gentle giants who play well into old age, and jumbo-sized packages of loving devotion. Maine coons can also be reserved for strangers, which is likely due to their jumbo-sized brains. However, even the most cautious adapt over time.

This initial period of adjustment is actually a decision-making process; Maine coons are determining whether or not these new humans have proven themselves worthy of trust. However, once they have made up their minds, they form close bonds with the entire household and become loving and devoted.

The majority of them want to be close to you, but not on your lap. They are true family members who take part in all family routines, whether it’s watching you channel surf from the couch or following you from room to room. 

Maine coon kittens for sale

Maine coons are fascinated by water, as befits a former seafarer, possibly because their thick coats are water-repellent and won’t become annoyingly soaked as easily as a thinner coat would.

Some will briefly join their humans in the shower, or at the very least, walk around on the wet floor after you exit. They would rather stand on the edge of the tub and paw at the water with their curious paws.