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Grey Maine Coon Kitten: Giant Maine Coon Kitten

Mala is so sweet and loving. beautiful: grey color just like her mother. She will be a big girl.

Grey Maine Coon cats come in a variety of color variations, all of which fall under the official Maine Coonc olor banding of ‘blue.’ Grey Maine Coon colors include, to name a few, grey tabbies, grey smoke, grey and white, and grey and black.

Maine coon near me: giant Maine coon

This ever-popular Maine Coon coloring, often misspelled as ‘Gray,’ can be found in a variety of different shades, ranging from ‘grey smoke’ to ‘grey and white.’

The most peculiar aspect of this Maine Coon coloring, however, is that the grey Maine Coon is officially labeled as a ‘Blue MaineCoon’!

How to Identify a Grey Maine Coon Cat.

When we look at the Cat Fanciers Association, it is clear that the “greyMaineCoon” is not an official Maine Coon coloring.

Instead, the “grey Maine Coon” actually belongs to the “blue” color category (source 1).

Although calling a grey Maine Coon “blue” may appear surprising at first, there is a high degree of overlapping across all of the official Maine Coon colorings.

More information on the fascinating red Maine Coon cat can be found in my article “Orange MaineCoon: Complete Guide”.

The table below summarizes the physical characteristics that a grey Maine Cooncat must have in order to be classified as belonging to the “blue Maine Coon color category.”

Cat with one level tone from their nose.

pink paw pads are deemed desirable. This.

fawn, or patina over the whole. Rose paw.

pads and old rose nose leather is.

have pale bluish Ivory ground color, with.

very deep blue markings & patches of cream.

Overtones of warm fawns or patina over the.

the whole is visible. Rose and/or pink paw.

pads and old rose nose leather are.

The cat will have a mixture of.

blue and white, with/without white on its.

with/without white on their face. Need to.

silver appearance, due to coat on the.

back, flanks, head, and tail being tipped.

with blue. Rims of eyes, lips, and nose.

chin, stomach, chest, ear tufts. The cat.

face, and tail from dark on the ridge to.

white on the chin, chest, stomach, and.

under the tail’. The cat must have legs.

with the same tone as its face. Much.

darker color. Rose paw pads and nose.

White undercoat. The fur on the cat’s.

flanks, back, and tail gently tipped with.

paw pads (patched/unpatched), nose.

leather, and rims of eyes. Ear furnishings,.

‘Mantle of blue and cream shading down.

the sides, face, and tail’. A cat can have.

darker than shell blue cream. Rose to blue.

The resting cat looks blue. The white.

the undercoat shows when the cat moves.

Blue paw pads and nose leather. Ear tufts.

and frill is white. Mask blue with a narrow.

is ‘deeply tipped with blue, with clearly.

defined patches of cream as in the pattern.

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